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Perspectives on Beauty Series

Hiya everyone, I’d like to kick off a series of posts dedicated to my take on ‘beauty’. This illusive, magical word that seems to define us so completely.

In this series, I’ll explore the concept of beauty from the lucrative makeup industry angle, i’ll add in some bits and pieces of my own genius *insert awed gasps* as well as how beauty is defined in other cultures. Has the concept of beauty been plagued by the Globalisation bug? I think so! Let’s explore this as well 🙂

You might ask, what brought this on.

Last year, I started a new job and with it a whole new perspective on makeup and adornments. No, I didn’t start work in a Monastery. I started with in an international organisation on one of the state’s most prominent projects. Alhamdulillah. What I realised during this job is, what you look like doesn’t matter an iota. The hours were crazy and the people were busy. If you made a mistake, no one cared how expertly you prep your eyes in the morning, or how perfectly your lip pouts under that gloss.

I got busy and I got punctual! Something I had struggled with my entire adult life (embarassing as it is to admit). The stakes were much higher this time. I wanted this job to launch my consulting career so I had to work harder than I’ve ever done beforel. I also had a fight a lot of my own battles since there was no Frank to look after me. Frank was my ex-boss and mentor. He was awesome. In my struggle to keep up I had to let certain things go. First was makeup. It takes me WAY too long to fix myself up in the morning. I cannot rush it and I cannot be late. So the natural conclusion was to do away with it.

I found my routine of moisturizer, sunscreen, eyeliner, mascara and corrector served me just nicely and they only took 5 minutes! Woot!

Clean Skin (c) TWO Magazine

Clean Skin (c) TWO Magazine

I also did away with dressing up for work, opting to throw on my hijab as quickly as it would go on and dash out. Given that I worked out of a university campus as opposed to the CBD, this transition felt natural. I didn’t worry too much about how I looked when I left for work. As I realised, no one cared, not about the way I looked at least.

This new found freedom creeped into my other lives. I would just throw on sunscreen before heading to the shops. This year I apply my moisturize-sunscreen-corrector-mascara combo to when I’m meeting up wtih friends. This is unheard of! Imagine that there’s a boy I fancy and I don’t even doll up when I’m seeing him (in the company of other friends). This took the longest time to change though and I’m really glad it did!

Reflecting on all this a year later, I realise, perahps there was another factor that contributed to my change of mode. At the start of last year I resolved to pray while at work so I didnt have to make up for missed prayers. If you don’t already know, as a Muslim, my obligation to my Creator is to pray 5 times a day. Prayer is one of the 5 pillars of Islam.

With a tonne of makeup on, I wasn’t going to achieve this goal. Not only because some products blocks water from getting to your skin but also because once you wash your face, everything sort of dilutes. Your make up doesn’t look very sharp and I wasn’t going to carry around a makeup bag full of products for work!

I started carrying my moisturizer-sunscreen-corrector-mascara to work and back.

I found myself wearing less and less makeup over the course of last year; barring formal occassions. Actually at one point I started feeling silly just applying eye makeup! It just felt so futile!

Gone are the days when I liked experimenting with funky colours and ideas on my face. The downside ofcourse is, now, I’ll never run out of makeup! As you’ll see from my previous post, I’m in no way “over makeup”. I’m just more interested in its enhancing qualities rather than its showy qualities.

My new attitude to make up and dress ups really took my friends by surprise. I didn’t blame them. It took me by surprise as well but a year in, I’ve really adjusted to this new “me”. I actually really love it. I love the fact that I like my face the way it is. I don’t feel the need to look any different and when I do wear makeup it makes a big difference. A very flattering, subtly noticeable difference. That is my idea of beauty.

Sorry for the long intro but I wanted to set the scene to this series. I’m keen to hear your makeup experiences, not just what works and what doesn’t but how it makes you feel. The overall wholistic experience of your journey with beauty.

Looking forward to taking this trip with all of you! xo


2 comments on “Perspectives on Beauty Series

  1. H
    February 8, 2013

    So true! I have absolutely no time for makeup in the morning. I’ll line the water line on my eye and run. I do however moisturize on a daily basis with ultra hydrating moisturizer. I think it’s very important to keep the skin hydrated with that and water. Natural works best everywhere 🙂

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