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Not Ready

NARS Express Yourself Campaign (Image 6 of 12)

Nars Makeup - Men Are Invited

In my mind, one of the key differences between men and women is the use of makeup (or adornment). It’s what distinguishes masculine traits from feminine ones. Not to say that men (or masculinity) cannot be adorned. Rather that the concept of adornment between men and women does and should vary.
Whilst I’m an advocate of self expression, I draw the line where it conflicts with what are now deemed to be traditional values. Makeup on men is not the only culprit. I disapprove of random acts of tattooing and piercing. I don’t understand the latest Emo sub culture and associated trends. I am unattracted to tight clothes on a man, or heels.
If we reduce everything down to an economic argument, then sure, men and women should be able to buy and wear make up. It increases the makeup company’s market share. Men can walk around with makeup on and sell makeup to their male and female customers. Anything is possible, but my question is, should it be?
What strikes me most about this image is that the makeup is not outlandish. It’s applied to appear as normal as it would on a woman. Men in eastern cultures to this day darken their eyes with kohl. It should be noted however that in the very same cultures, the distinction between men and women is marked and strong.
I guess it makes sense then to use Culture as another argument for the Men for Makeup camp. At one time, it was fashionable for me to wear makeup, tights and high heels. If it was fashionable then, why can’t it be fashionable now? Maybe we should be asking, why did it stop becoming fashionable?
King Louis XIV of France

Wigs, Tights and High Heels for you my Lord?

 The curiosity for me is that for a very long time, the practice of men dressing as women (and yes this includes the use of makeup) has been ridiculed, taunted and kept under wraps. There’s a bustling market for cross dressers and drag queens but it’s the kind of activity that’s mostly kept hidden from public view, whether through a cultural or religious norm. What then is the fascination with bringing out the ‘abnormal’ or at least what’s out of the ordinary into the ordinary?
Men’s and women’s fashion is blending into one. Where the tendency was to make revealing figure hugging clothes for women, there’s now and equal share of the Male market dressing accordingly. I need the physical distinction between Man and Woman maintained.
What’s your take on this? Are you ready for your husband, brother, son, boyfriend, male friend and uncles to start wearing makeup?
I’ll be honest, I’m not.

3 comments on “Not Ready

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  2. Bibi-Aisha
    May 12, 2011

    Definitely not! I don’t mind kohl on a guy if it’s very subtle. Looking at this pic, I just thought eew no.
    I don’t mind well-fitted clothes, but can’t stand tight-fitting clothes on guys.

    Heels-no way!

    • funwithcolour
      May 12, 2011

      yup, same here. i’m not having a go… i just think consumers should be a bit aware of the images they’re bombarded with. pretty soon it’ll all just become normal.

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