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Bobbi Brown: Lip Colour

Fat chunky nearly edible lippie by Bobbi


Well, there it is.

That’s the reason I love makeup. It’s to do with imagery. I love the way cosmetics look on websites. Not even so much in person. I browse the net from my desk at work or home and I see these magnificent, glorious, shiny, nearly edible items and I want them!

As of a few days ago I’ve decided to get myself a less nude/neutral and therefore more bold/rich brown that is still wearable for everyday. My current “neutral” brown shade is Cocoa (by Bobbi). It’s probably the one featured in the above image.

I’m thinking, Brownie is the next one up. What do you think?

Brownie (for lips by BB) 

 Or maybe this one? It’s a bit richer…

Rich Cocoa by BB


I definitely won’t buy another red lipstick but look at this!
Vintage Red – I’m calling it Femme Fatale Red. I think i’ll go and try this out!
 There’s also the delectable Black Maple (which is quite close to the Burgundy I have from Chanel and never use):


Black Maple lippie by BB

Very film noir!


This colour looks so rich and lush in the picture it makes you believe putting it on will give your lips that instant supple, lush, luxurious feel and look. The reality? It doesn’t! If your lips are chapped due to the weather or if you’re a biter (you bite your lip instead of your fingernails), the colour won’t go on evenly and it won’t look juicy.

I also find that deep colours work better with fuller lips, so sorry if you have thin lips. Maybe you can try the lip gloss?

Squishy gloss by BB

Don't worry it doesn't go on gluggy, it's actually one of the better glosses I've used.


 Just note that lippy only goes on well on hydrated lips. QV lip balm is the best I’ve come across in lip care. The same applies to glosses.

QV Lip Balm

Available at chemists and pharmacies


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