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Product Review: MAC (Various)

In my previous post I promised to review the following products by MAC. (now not so previous, this has been sitting in my drafts since Jan 2011).

I’ve had the opportunity to use these extensively and am ready to talk about them.

MAC tinted sunscreen

First up, the MAC tinted sunscreen is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

I have tried to get skin cover that looks natural and still covers up the acne scarring and the redness but never got any joy until I found the MAC tinted sunscreen. The idea is to use the tinted sunscreen and top it with the mineralise skin finish powder.

I want to just say that mineral makeup is wonderful for suffering skin. It actually makes my skin look healthier after I take off all my makeup.

I always thought I needed heaps of cover up because I have blotchy acne scarred skin. Turns out, I dont! What this product does is it covers the areas that are affected (like the acne scarring and redness) as well as the areas that are not so affected. The over all effect is very uniform looking skin by making more of the skin look one colour.

The makeup is breathable and doesnt feel heavy at all. It goes on wet and finishes dry. Unlike regular sunscreen its light, light, light!

If you want more coverage, just apply the Mineralise Skin finish powder (using a kabuki brush). This also makes your makeup stay.

I don’t touch up foundation during the day but if I ever need to I just use the brush to top up. Most times I don’t add more product to the brush.

Just be careful with the powder. A little bit goes A LONG way. I’ve made the mistake of shoving the brush into the powder and just banging it on to my face. Don’t do this. It makes you look like a ghost.

Just to reinforce my point: Use very little product and really blend it into the skin.

The tinted lip conditioner will give you a very sheer colour but it’s actually a very good lip conditioner. My lips are used to QV Lip Balm and it takes a lot of time for lips to get unused to and then used to a new product (I think its roughly 4 weeks). The colour is only apparent if you apply using a lip brush and I think so far I’ve used the brown shade 3 or 4 times. I bought these when I was into the “sheer summer” look. If you have pale lips and like just a hint of colour, these may just do the trick. Mine are quite dark and so I found these conditioners a bit too sheer. In hindsight, not a great buy.

If you’ve used any of these products, please drop me a line 🙂


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