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NARS (Not) Drawing Inspiration, Volume 1: Eyes‏

Drawing Inspiration, Volume 1: Eyes

This is a screenshot of the latest marketing email I received from NARS.

When I read “makeup” and “eye” and “inspiration” in the same line, I think magic. When I clicked on the email to read it, I was supremely disappointed by the advertising. Typically, I was expecting to see a brilliantly made up eye with some supremely creative colour and technique.

Instead, I got this.

Depending on which section of the graphic I click on, I am taken to a page displaying the relevant products. Firstly, the linking is rubbish. There’s no connection between clicking on the white part and being taken to the eye crayons and actually clicking on the crayon itself. Seriously NARS, get a better advertising agent.

Secondly, the links don’t show anywhere a sample look for you to recreate.

There are all these product pages, products which we’ve seen before mind you. Oh wait, there’s a new Glitter pencil in pale blue. Woot.

What I find particularly disappointing about NARS products and campaigns is they build up. Why build up a name and an image when you’re just going to fall disappointingly short of expectation. Since Francois Nars is hailed a creative genius, I expect to see some of that genius on the website. I’m 120% sure of his ability as a make up artist and entrepenuer but I am not sure that that ability is infectious. Then again, maybe, its not supposed to be. Maybe his theory is the very old school one that requires people in the know to hang on to what they know?

I don’t know really. But when a company releases a “new” product  range, I expect to see some practical application methods which the NARS site doesn’t show at all.

The Looks section on the NARS page hasn’t been updated since last year. Surely, each range should get its own? Or maybe I’m just spoilt because of M.A.C.’s advertising.

Another disappointing result from NARS.

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This entry was posted on June 11, 2010 by in Makeup Brands, Marketing & Promo, NARS.
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