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Smashbox Makeup Event, Kit Cosmetics, May 6

It was the launch of Smashbox Cosmetics in Perth. At the end of a busy Tuesday, I rushed over to the Enex building to attend the launch hosted by Kit Cosmetics. Let me tell you that I judge a place by what they feed you and since they promised food, I took notes! There was plenty of food to go around as well as sparkling water and san pellegrino drinks. My friend who’d also just gotten off work was starving and dug into the sushi, mini cupcakes and I can’t remember now what else 🙂

Kit ended up taking in more people than they had originally planned. There were 5 stations set up and with 4 people per station, they would have comfortably negotiated makeup for 20 clients. Instead they ended up taking in 40 so what we had was this mad scramble to get our makeups done and in the end we only got a trial of one product each.

I have to say however the Smashbox launch was far more impressive than the NARS event. The Smashbox rep actually came from America where the brand was started up. She was an excellent sales person and knew exactly what to say to sell her products. The only difficulty I had was lack of face time with her. I’m sure that she would be the perfect person to explain Smashbox’s concealing products (which is the entire reason I went to the launch).

When I got there however I realised that I will not get any product knowledge with the swarm of people that were there. I quickly figured out that there isn’t much to be gained by sticking around and wanted to leave but stayed for a touch longer to give my friend some company. I think makeup events are very interesting. I don’t know if they generally attract crowds of makeup novices but this one definitely did.   

I was amazed at what girls were buying. One of them was being shown the Kit Cosmetics mini brush set to compliment the Smashbox make up she was buying. I wanted to interrupt and tell her that the brushes are extremely hard and that she’s better of going to Myer to buy brushes from the Artiste range (cheaper and better).

I did find something I have been looking for for the longest time. A highlighting lip gloss that I can wear to create neutral/nudeish lips to compliment dark eyes. Illume Lustrous Lip Gloss works really well with my Bobbi Brown Cocoa lip pencil  to create just that. Worn over my MAC Soar lip pencil its still soft and glittery and beautiful.



Retailing at around AUD 22, I still have some store credit with Kit Cosmetics and am hoping to book in for a colour consultation with them. Things I want to know about are their colour correcting products and Smashbox’s primers and concealers.

Watch this space people 🙂

Event Details
Cost = $45
Venue = Kit Cosmetics, Enex Mall, St George’s Terrace, Perth
Time = 6:30 – 8:30 pm

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