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NARS Makeup Workshop, March 26

I first heard about this from the girl at the Mecca Cosmetica store (located on Hay Street in Perth). I was very excited and booked myself, my best friend and my sister in. We are all make up buffs. Ultimately, my best friend couldn’t make it to the workshop and by this time I had arranged for a work colleague to attend as well. The night started off great! I caught up with a mate for coffee, Kelsea and I ate hot chips when she later joined us for coffee and then when my sister arrived, we headed over Mecca.

Friday the 26th was also when I got my Sigma professional eye make up brush set as well as the smokey eyes shadow kit.

Now, I love the Nars eye shade duos! Most especially the Méditerranée. I had a few weeks before discovering the colour duo, pictured a look comprised of peach/nude eyes with a bright orange shade running diagonally across the eye (from the outer edge to just under the start of the brow). When I do it, I’ll put photos up but for now, you’ll just have to use your imagination.

I also really like Misfit but NARS retails at AUD 72 and I’m already trying to find make up brands cheaper than MAC whose eye shades retail at around AUD 35.

Anyway, back to the story.

So we get there, and I’m pumped. Firstly, everyone who works for Mecca was VERY curious about the box I was carrying. Curiosity is one thing but trying to pry the box from my hands is another.

Any who, me and girlies were the last appointment and it took ages for my artist to finish up. I didn’t mind because this gave me time to watch everyone else’s makeup and they looked amazing! The make up was applied so perfectly and it really suited each girl.

I was really looking forward to learning something new from the “International Makeup Artist from New York”. First disappointment – he wasn’t International or from New York. He was from Australia and had been in the business for 6 years. Hey, at this stage I was like, I’m sure that’s PLENTY experience – wide eyed much?

Anyway, we finally got started with me and I was introduced to Mr 6 Years, Boston. Happy Happy.

Boston didn’t actually make up anyone. He gave instructions about what to do and his peons did the work. The Nars girls were doing an amazing job just fyi and I felt it would be somewhat frustrating to have to take direction from someone else when you’re so qualified for the job yourself.

Long story short. I told them that what I want to learn is how to do more angular makeup because I’ve got blending down pat. Boston decided to match my makeup to my clothing (I was wearing a cream, orange and brown dress) which concerned me a little but since he said they’d used Mediterrane I was happy.

The idea was: Orange on the top lid with a purple eye line on the top last and a dark green lash line on the bottom. If you’ve seen the eye shadow duo, you can understand this would have looked amazing.

After a long hour of application and many gasps of “beautiful”, I was allowed to look at myself.

And I just wish I hadn’t.

I looked like a monkey with makeup. You know you see those little monkeys being used to make money as street performers? Some of them get makeup applied on them – big red cheeks and a funny hat. Well, I looked like that and I was mortified. I wanted to spit on everyone there. My entire face just looked like a mentally disbalanced person had applied my makeup (a mentally disbalanced person whose been missing their doses).

Mistake # 1: The foundation was too dark for my skin

Mistake # 2: The blush looked like a 5 year old was playing with makeup. It was too dark and not blended at all.

Mistake # 3: The eyes were revolting. The colours didnt work. As beautiful as Mediterrane is, it looked very pale on my skin. Boston wet the brush to apply it on my eyes and then patted it down with the same shadow but dry. For all that product, I expected a lot more colour. Sorry Nars, you disappointed royally.

Mistake # 4: The lipstick wasn’t properly applied! It was smudgy and uneven. WTF?

For the fact that Boston worked on half of my face, I was supremely disappointed in the end result. He’s meant to be the shit where makeup’s concerned and this is the result I got. I was embarassed just walking to my car for fear that people would start pointing and laughing.

My sister’s eyes were done SO simply! All they did was use cranberry shadow on her eyes to match her scarf. Um. Really? The entire NARS range and THIS is the creativity they can muster?

I concluded they’d never worked on any other skin type other than Anglo Saxon. For the fact that NARS is an internationally acclaimed brand with more lustre than MAC, I was shocked at their artists’ expertise.

I bought the dark green eye pencil with my $50 store credit. Expensive for a pencil, wouldn’t you say? My sister bought the Maui blush which actually looks amazing on her skin (she’s a couple of shades darker than me).

Overall, the NARS workshop – Epic Fail.

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