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Illamasqua: Rather Out of the Ordinary

Are you bored of conventional makeup styles and techniques?


Have you used all the mainstream brands and had your fill?

Notice that even when mainstream goes crazy, they bring out a bright blue! That is their extent of crazy. Example: Lancome’s Colour Design

Well, here’s a scracth for your creative itch. Illamasqua is coming to Australia!

They’re going to Sydney in June of this year and hopefully, Perth will have them by next year.

If you haven’t heard about them, I highly reccommend you visit the website. All my crazy ideas have found fruition in their products. Red eye shadow, extended colourful lashes, just things that will twist the routine while maintaining some of the convention. I just love the fact that there is an alternative to MAC’s creative approach to makeup. This alternative is so much more risque and so much more “evolved” for lack of a better word. It’s a totally new way (for me) to look at the world of makeup.

I’m yet to use any of their products but one day when I haven’t blown my fortnightly budget on dinners and friends, I’ll order online and try it all out.

If you’ve used their products, please give me your reviews.

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