Fun with Colour

Experimenting with Colour and Technique

Experiment 0

Dear World,

This is my first attempt at a makeup blog.

I started wearing lipstick in year 10 and now own over 24 eye shades and over 10 lip colours.

I’ve always gravitated towards make up because its so much easier to buy than clothes because you’ll always find a colour that suits you.

As a white collar professional I don’t really get to express myself with any sort of creativity in the work place so I spend a considerable amount of time applying my make up before I get there. After this burst of energy, I’m pretty much stuck in a mundane and not so dynamic work environment where recently I’ve started thinking up eye make up ideas.

I’ve made a mask of my own face, insipired by MAC’s face frames. I will use these to convey the ideas I think up.

My inspiration is colour.

I would love to take a sneak peek into what inspires you. If you dabble in the field of makeup I would love to hear from you.

Please note, I am a total amateur 😀

In hi-def,

Lady Fun

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This entry was posted on March 1, 2010 by in Experiments.


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